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Sacrifices By Us

Here i was, standing in an army grave-yard, saying his namaz-e-jinazah. Capt OmerZeb Shaheed..

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Capt Omerzeb Shaheed Trust, having been registered at Islamabad Registrar Office is now fully operational.

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The Management bows to ALLAH ALMIGHTY for HIS innumerable blessings for running of this trust with utmost dedication, unflinching loyalty to its cause and in the most transparent way. The management is cognizant to this fact that this noble cause which is built in the blood of our Shaheed son Capt Omerzeb Afzal Baig TBt, demands handling as a sacred mission in the name of ALLAH for the welfare of Shahuda’s and poor families of Pakistan – our motherland in whose veins runs my sons and many Shahuda’s blood. Our mission and objectives are therefore very simple and practical in nature.

Mission Statement

Capt Omerzeb Shaheed Trust’s mission is to look after the schooling, children marriages and health needs of the families/children of Shahuda’s of Defence Forces in the war against terror and also of the poor trodden families, duly scrutinized.

Trust Objectives

Capt Omerzeb Shaheed Trust’s Few of the implicit objectives are:

  • To fulfil, “in toto or part there of” the educational and health needs of the families and children of Shahuda’s families (both Army & Civil) which got effected during war on terror.
  • Provide assistance in kind in bridal dresses and dowry items on the marriage of the daughters of Shahuda’s families.
  • Assist in provisioning of clean water through new wells or filtration plants.
  • Free mobile dispensary along with the Doctor and medicines.
  • Provision of free ambulance service during road accidents or deaths.
  • Plantation of trees including fruit trees for better environments at selected areas.
  • Open Primary and Middle schools in areas where these facilities are not available and provide free education and books.


How we intend achieving the Trust Objectives

Certainly to achieve the above given objectives, the trust financial state needs to be very strong with continuous cash flow arrangements. We intend perusing the following course of action.

  • A sizeable contribution from the chairman and trustees of the Trust. To begin with  Rs 500,000 has been the Board of Trustees contribution.
  • Request the family friends, both in land and abroad to generously contribute towards the cause of this trust. To see our account details please click here.
  • Approach donor authorities both inland and abroad giving details of our projects: in hand, in pipeline or intended for their support in kind or in provision of material/equipment.
  • Create awareness in general public through broachers, flyers, internet, newspaper ads,, and other marketing measures regarding the trust objectives, the completed projects and projects in hand. Invite their opinions etc and also their sharing in completion of the noble cause.
  • Through self information, army regimental centres, zakat committies and most importantly through the donors themselves, ask about the deserving families in their knowledge who are in need of any kind of assistance. Scrutinize the details of these families and their financial requirements through personal visits (nearby areas), or through personal friends both in army/  civil and relatives in those areas regarding the suitability of the referred families.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, a good work done itself speaks and gets recognized more quickly than any lip service.


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