Pakistan's Heroes

They are Pakistan's heroes who have sacrificed their lives for the country. The whole Pakistani nation owes them so much.

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Sacrifices By Us

Here i was, standing in an army grave-yard, saying his namaz-e-jinazah. Capt OmerZeb Shaheed..

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In Loving memory of my son


my son has laid his life
for the land that is our pride

we think of him all the time
with emotion running very high

It has been, today, five years now
since he went into the sky

A lot has changed in our lives
but his memories will never die

We know our son is in heavens
But, we love him until we die
when ever we go on grave, he is
Standing there with a broad smile

So, friends, bear our memories now & then
both in pain and in pride.

(Papa, ammi, brothers & sisters)

Capt Omerzeb Shaheed Biograpgy

Capt Omerzeb was born in 1984 at CMH Rawalpindi. He was the third son to his parents. Omerzeb was very healthy weighing eight & half ponds on his birth with broad eyes and smiling face. He was sparklingly handsome. Anyone who would look at him could never resist kissing him. He grew as a very playful and cheering lad. I hardly remember him unnecessarily crying or bewailing. I vividly remember in one of the mixed gatherings in the mess I was carrying omerzeb, one of a senior officers while looking at omerzeb remarked , “ afzal, I don’t mind having 12 sons like this boy”. MASHALLAH, Omerzeb was stunningly good-looking and  attractive.

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A note from papa

Capt Omerzeb, as you all know him was my sanchu (his pal name was sony and his ever fragrance made him sanchu). My son, my sanchu left us for his eternal home so bravely, so proudly - engulfed in the flag of his motherland, on the shoulders of his comrades in uniform, with the winning smile, telling me...

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