Sacrifices By Us

I was sitting next to him on the grass patch during my college days, enjoying the bright sunny winter morning. Belonging from a family of retired Army Officers, we shared experiences of our past schooling and friends that we made on different places. While our class fellows played in the basket ball ground, cheering and shouting. We continued our pleasant conversation, and we came to astonishing fact that we have been class fellows even in Army Public School Peshawar while studying in class 3. With this it opened new arena of our personalities and i found him an affable, courteous and pleasant-talking gentleman with a sense of dignity and honor embedded in his soul.
As the time passed by, various events brought us together on same crossroads. We shared couple of things in common, we both were debators, joined the same college-house which was Khalid house, won various events for our college-house and due to our inherited affinity towards armed forces, we used to admire the national role of Pakistan Armed Forces. The strange warmth in his amiable personality, some-how always made him stand-out from rest of the college mates. Helpful, kind, respectful and enthusiastically encouraging were his prominent traits. However, he earned great appraisal in the eyes of his teachers, class and college-house, when he won the notable prize of debate competition.  

All these memorable events of companionship, just went through my eyes like a quick flash-back of priceless golden past. Here i was, standing in an army grave-yard, saying his namaz-e-jinazah. Capt OmerZeb(Shaheed) from 111th Long Course of 9 Azad Kashmir Regiment, once my class fellow and a friend, now had brought the trophy of pride again, back home for us to live with prestige. Capt OmerZeb(Shaheed) like his noble past of his childhood and adolescence, had won the accolade for his family, for Pakistan and for us. Capt OmerZeb(Shaheed) is just one of those abundant examples who have sacrificed themselves on the call of duty for the nation.

Capt OmerZeb(Shaheed) attained shahadat in the morning of May 21st 2009, while hitting into road side IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device). While he jolted me with strong sense of self-determination of taking up the fight for better tomorrow. His Shahadat had a cleansing effect on my polluted thoughts of national disintegration and state failure. Capt OmerZeb (Shaheed) re-invigorated us with a sense of living a life of valour, virtue and stature.

In the current times of national desperation, economic recession and destroyed socio-moral fabric, one is just too vulnerable to be overwhelmed by a thought of "Run for your life". But being a Pakistani, Capt OmerZeb(Shaheed) proved it imprudent and not worth a deal to run away from your home and let the vultures tear it apart. The enemies of this Land of pure, should know by now that Allah has blessed this nation with the generation of iron-willed youth, belonging from noble families such like Capt OmerZeb(Shaheed), who are more then ready to keep up the traditions of sacrifice in the need of an hour.

Capt OmerZeb(Shaheed) did his part and now its upon us to take it on and give a final brunt. We shall never forgo the sacrifices of our shuhuda

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