A note from papa

Capt Omerzeb Shaheed,as you all know him was my sanchu (his pal name was sony and his ever fragrance made him sanchu). My son, my sanchu left us for his eternal home so bravely, so proudly - engulfed in the flag of his motherland, on the shoulders of his comrades in uniform, with the winning smile, telling me - papa here is his another dream come true.Yes, he did it. I saw him growing up - up and turning into a smart, highly charged, dedicated and totally committed to his passion - the passion to join Pakistan Army. As i now look into yesteryears of his school, college and later Military Academy life, I recall each of his discussions wih me regarding his dream as to one day he would also be having brass on his shoulders. Not only ALLAH bestowed bross on his shoulders, but also rewarded him the heighest award of SHAHADET.MAY ALLAH REST HIS SOUL IN PEACE. Sonchu, undoubtedly was agreat son, a loving brother, friend of friends and an adorable comrade. He immensely loved his fiance, her parents, majdy and little JJ. I wish a son like Omerzeb to every home and to every married couple.His fragrance will keep us alive, his ever smiling face will remain in our hearts and his SHAHADAT for the honor of his country will make us feel - a proud parents. Omerzeb,you and alike " jannat ke makeen ho tum, Rahe Haq ke shaeed ho tum " papa

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