What After Capt Omerzeb shaheed’s blood

Capt Omerzeb met shahadet on 21st May 2009 in area Lower Dir during the Army operation Rah-e-Rast. He laid down his prime youth for the greater cause of his motherland. With him are many more brave sons of the soil who one after the other are  following the cause – to thwart the evil design of our enemies both from within and in the garb of our friends who are against  the very existence of our country. The nation, more so the media is projecting their supreme sacrifices by showing their state burials, interviews of mourning parents and relatives and their youth emanating photographs.

But, is this all ? The blood of these shaheeds is asking the nation, the leaders, the intelligentsia, the decision makers “ WHAT NEXT TO OUR BLOOD”. Will their shining blood get mixed with the matti and be so, OR their blood will prove manure to the thirsty land looking for selfless and mother like sincere leaders. Will their blood bring life to this sleeping nation to stand up all together against the seen and unseen enemies who are bent upon disintegrating the nation which our Quaid and his comrades got us after innumerable sacrifices? They need to be answered by those who matter, by those who are showing their oral love for this country day in and day out on media, by those who are mere rhetoric and going at tangent to the current strategy of the government.

Let us not make Rah-e-Rast another episode of a great drama, which the nation runs every few years, the last being Kargil. Who remembers the Kargil Shaheeds ? How many were they? What cause did they shed their blood? What has come out of their sacrifices? Let this one be not another such venture. Let us not forget that if blood of these shaheeds also goes past our realizations, there will no chest forward in future to blunt the onslaught of our enemies whether within or external. Let us stand to the realism and not be fast asleep saying all is well. Let us unite all and sundry, evolve long term strategy cognizing short term goals in the best interest of our dearest homeland, since if it is there, we have our recognition both individual and collective otherwise India has much more Muslims than our total population. Let the honor and dignity of our country be much above our egos. Let we be more united and pragmatic rather than oratorical. Let us be thinking of oneness of our country rather than our communities, sects and districts because all this is dovetailed to Pakistan. Let justice and merit prevail in its true sense.

The young leaders like Capt Omerzeb shaheed and many have taken the lead, have shown us the way – the path, it is now the leaders at decision making hierarchy to give their bid and show vision, sincerity, strength of character and commitment towards their motherland, and if they do so, I assure you the national virtuosity will be an automatic fall out.

Long Live Pakistan
Lt Col (Retd) Muhammad Afzal

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