Pakistan's Heroes

They are Pakistan's heroes who have sacrificed their lives for the country. The whole Pakistani nation owes them so much. It is because of their sacrifices that we are able to live freely in our country while they do this for protecting the citizens of Pakistan."I am going to embrace Shahadat".These were the last words of Captain Najam Riaz ( shown here in video) to his parents when he left for Swat. And he did prove to be a man of his words. He embraced shahadat along with three other commandos last Teusday. He was captured by the terrorists under mysterious circumstances on 21 April while he along with his three other companions were out of their camp in Swat Valley. The Commissioner Malakand, Muhammad Javed even visited them in captivity but didnt do anything about it as he was clearly sympethetic towards these terrorists. Last Tuesday, eight terrorists entered the room where these four commandos had been kept. The terrorists had with them, a rope, a video camera and some swords. The commandos knew what was coming. Even though they were unarmed, in a matter of seconds, the four commandos jumped at the terrorists and within seconds, broke the necks of all eight of them. That was when two more of these terrorists entered the room and sprayed these men with bullets reulsting in the martrydom of Captain Najam Riaz, Captain Junaid Khan and two other soldiers. This video also shows Captain Bilal Zafar Shaheed (SSG) ,Maj Abid Shaheed, Major Azhar Shaheed, Leiutenant Saifullah Shaheed and Leuitenant Zia Shaheed. All these men embraced Shahadat during the ongoing operation Rah-e-Rast (the right path) in Swat Valley.I am attaching pictures of Captain Omer Zeb Saheed who embraced Shahadat today in Dir District and also of Captain Junaid Khan Shaheed.And some of our politicians say that they dont support the military operation. Who gives them the moral authority to decide. Are our corrupt politicians even near these brave and valiant soldiers. Let Imran Khan see this, let Qazi Hussain see this and let these terrorists see this and know that as long as such brave men are around, noone can dare threaten Pakistan.

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